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Malaika Muindi

Malaika Muindi




Malaika Muindi began her photography journey through a microscope. As a Biology major in college, she examined microscopic organisms through objective and condenser lenses in order to identify the physiological structures that classified the organism into their phylogenies. Enamored by the possibilities of what microscopic lenses could capture, she enrolled into photography courses to learn further about how lenses work. Discovering her passion for photography, that would transform her perspective of the world around her. After a few years of experience working as a product photographer for a major luxury consignment company, she began shooting products in her home. Eager to make product photography more accessible to small businesses, Malaika started Captured Canvas.

Captured Canvas is for businesses looking to, well, capture  a fast-growing customer base using high quality, innovative images to increase engagement and sales.

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